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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

As a Senior Management we commit to undertake:

  • To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Management Systems and ensure amiable customer satisfaction by applying responsible, honest, principled approach and Professional management.
  • To constantly protect and increase the reputation of our company operating in the hospitality industry.
  • To render the services that meet our customers' current and future expectations by following the developments in the sector.
  • To work efficiently without compromising quality.
  • To create mutual value within the framework of the management systems applied on our facilities by cooperating with our suppliers and applying the win-win concept.
  • To undertake the primary role in raising awareness among our employees, guests and the local community and ensuring its sustainability with the sense of social responsibility brought by our brand, and make and apply the decisions in this direction.
  • To create an appropriate infrastructure with regard to our services and products and ensure that from-farm-to-fork processes are kept under control in order to provide the most effective implementation of Food Safety Management System within the scope of national and international regulations and Food Safety Management System standard
  • To comply with the requirements of existing International and National Legislation and Environmental Management System Standard, minimize the amount of pollution arising from our activities, closely follow and implement technological developments in order to ensure the proper use of natural resources; share our efforts towards protection of the environment with our employees, guests, suppliers and the community; identify targets to ensure continuous improvement, conduct the necessary research, design and application with regard to the principles of protection of biodiversity and energy efficiency cycle.
  • To endeavor to be decisive and have continuous efforts, in order to minimize any negativity by taking into consideration of health and safety of our employees and customers no matter what language, religion, race or gender.
  • To continue training of our employees by perceiving it as a never ending process and through valuing our employees' satisfaction and participation.
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